- I believe in -

love at first sight

- I believe in -

kisses in the rain

- I believe in -

magical sunsets

What did the blanket say as it fell off the bed?
"Oh sheet!"

Hi I'm Holly! I am a mother of four boys. I laugh at my own jokes [ I am still giggling at the one above ]. I use way too many exclamation marks. I live for sunshine, warmth, real moments, and love. I am obsessed with love stories and romance movies - which makes complete sense because I document love birds for a living. I LOVE food, and the word 'han-gry' resonates deep with me. I can easily be bribed with sushi and donuts. I love to travel and plan to see the world, little by little. I am a proud Anupaya ambassador and an advocate for our beautiful wild spaces. You will be able to follow all of our anupaya adventures this summer on my personal blog. To find out more, check out my about me page, or contact me through the inquire button. I cannot wait to chat!

mama, travelist, nature enthusiast & hopeless romantic


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